ALWhatsApp APK Download v13 For Android

ALWhatsApp APK is an excellent modified messenger app that allows its users to connect and communicate with friends and family by chatting and calling. It is a great alternative app to official WhatsApp that customizes by including many new features.

Current Version13
Size63.8 MB
DeveloperNasser Al-Jaidi
Released11 November 2023

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The latest ALWhatsApp app is considered an everyday digital communication tool that permits the exchange of text-voice messages and makes audio-video calls. So, you can chat and talk without spending a single penny from your wallet. Now, you can strengthen your relationship.

 It is redesigned, customized, and published by Nasser Al-Jaidi.

There are a number of digital communication tools in the market. Among all of them, ALWhatsApp application is the best for its distinctive functions. Now, users do not spend much time to meet their loved ones. Just install and use it to connect with people 24/7.

Every moment people remain updated about their friends and family.

ALWhatsApp Features

This app carves a niche in the digital communication field for its instantaneous communication. Presently, the app responds to anybody’s questions very quickly. So, people love it very much. The app has some unique features that attract huge users daily.

Let’s see some features,

  • App and chat options can be locked to avoid unwanted access
  • Users can use different lock systems such as Pattern, PIN, Password, Fingerprint
  • Share different formats files such as Images, audio, videos, PDF, MS Office, etc.
  • Edit sent messages within 15 minutes
  • Open a group and add friends as members so that you can hang out with friends by making video calls
  • Security is very strong as the app is encrypted so that nobody can breach data privacy
  • A safe, secure, legal, and lightweight app that is very useful for Android users

That’s all now, identifying more features if you install it from this website.

In addition to using ALWhatsApp latest version app, you can now easily use Jitsi Meet, ER WhatsApp, ICQ, Glide, Badoo, QQ International, Kik, Hangouts, iMessage, Duo, WhatsApp Pro, BlackBerry Messenger, etc. as an alternative without spending any money.

How To Complete Entire Profile Of ALWhatsApp

Profile setting is very important for users. This is because it helps to create a strong profile where people can get your details easily and decide to connect quickly. Setting a profile is very simple. You just need to follow the below steps to complete the profile of yours.

Let’s see the steps,

First Step: Download ALWhatsApp APK from here and open it.

Second Step: From the top right side of the interface, you just click on 3 dots.

Third Step: Press on the Setting Option.

Fourth Step: Click On the round icon to set the profile picture.

Fifth Step: Then, tap Subject or Name, About, and Phone Number. Fill out every section and then save.

That’s the steps to complete the process.

That’s it.

A good profile makes your account conspicuous to others.

Does ALWhatsApp Have An In-Built Translator

Yes, this modified communication app has an in-built translator. No problem, whatever language you belong to. You can chat with any person in any country as it has available recognized languages. Whatever you write you can easily translate and understand.


Communication is now in your hand if you have ALWhatsApp APK and Android devices. With just one tap, users can make audio-video calls to reach any friend anywhere in the world. In this case, no cost is incurred. So, this app is very effective to avoid physical meetings.

No time consumption, easy connection, and communication.