BSEWhatsApp APK Download v3.00 For Android

BSEWhatsApp APK is an excellent messenger application that was customized from WhatsApp. It is a bit different from the original one as it allows the users to customize and change different elements. So, the app is more comfortable to communicate digitally.

Current Version3.00
Size37.23 MB
Released7 November 2023

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People like the latest BSEWhatsApp application for its functional approach. Users can find existing features and new features simultaneously. Both features make the app more useful for people. Now, you can call and chat with others more confidently.

It is recoding, customized, and redesigned by the BSEMODS team.

Worldwide, the BSEWhatsApp app creates a distinctive position and appeals to the mind of communication lovers. Every day, millions of calls are generated, and millions of text exchanges are through the app. So, it gains popularity. So, all classes of people can afford to use it.

Every moment you can keep in touch and get updated by using the app.

BSEWhatsApp Features

The app has many wonderful features that motivate others to download and install the application right now. Presently, people keep faith in the modified app for its distinctive features. Here, some useful features are held up to get an idea about the app.

Let’s observe,

  • Talking with others by conducting audio and video calls
  • Send text and voice messages to chat with friends and family
  • Open Group and add members so that group members can hang out and pass a quality time
  • Share different files and documents for personal and professional reasons
  • Post status for 24 hours time frame
  • Pin different contacts to fix in the top presently
  • Star important messages to bookmark
  • Having anti-deleted features that help to read deleted messages and status
  • Set auto reply that leads you to answer queries of the people when you are not online

That’s all to depict the app to the point.

As you can use BSEWhatsApp latest version completely free on your device, you can also use JusTalk Kids, BRIWhatsApp, VooV Meeting, Viber, LINE Messages, Marco Polo, Signal Private Messenger, Workplace, KLWhatsApp, etc. now without any hassle.

How To Ensure BSEWhatsApp 2 Steps Verification

Privacy is a very important part of the app. People always need to keep their necessary data and information from hackers’ eyes. In this situation, 2 steps verification keeps a significant role. Some steps are stated below to finish the system effectively.

Let’s see the steps below,

Step 1: Download BSEWhatsApp APK and go to the home screen.

Step 2: Press on 3 dots from the top right-side corner of the app interface.

Step 3: Tap on the Settings.

Step 4: Press on the Account section.

Step 5: Now, click on the Two-Step verification option from the surfacing options.

Step 6: Then, turn on the option.

Step 7: Enter 6 digits PIN and enter it again to confirm the process.

Step 8: Add an email address to recover your PIN if you forget anytime. Then, tap on the Next option.

Step 9: Set the email address again to confirm.

Step 10: At last, press on the Save option to complete the total process.

That’s all, the above procedures help to activate the process.

If you want to strengthen your account privacy, 2-step verification is important for you.

Does BSEWhatsApp Follow Legal Procedures

Yes, it follows all legal rules and regulations before starting its journey as a communication platform. Still, there is no record identified that it engaged in any sort of illegal activities. So, it does not make a hassle for Android users when install and use to communicate.


The digital communication sector is well established. In this area, people find many tools, apps, and programs. Among all of them, BSEWhatsApp APK is considered one of the most powerful digital communication media. People frequently use it for convenient communication.

It allows its users to reach every corner of the planet to talk and chat.