Fouad WhatsApp APK Download v20.90.03 For Android

Fouad WhatsApp APK aesthetic design and function are wonderful. Millions of people use it every day to communicate. It is remarkable for its customization. You do not get an opportunity to customize any segment of the official WhatsApp. So, this mod has gained popularity.

NameFouad WhatsApp
Current Version20.90.03
Size76 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Released11 December 2023

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The modified app allows users to connect with millions of people daily to maintain communication. They can chat by exchanging text messages. The latest Fouad WhatsApp app allows you to make audio and video calls. In addition, people can hang out via group video calls.

Fouad Mokdad designed and developed it by customizing the official one.

Fouad WhatsApp application gained popularity all over the globe for its privacy and security. If you install and use it to share your documents, you never fall in danger as its privacy and security are very strong. Nobody can breach the privacy policy to hack the information.

You never get caught in a dangerous situation by losing your important information.

Fouad WhatsApp Features

This mod application’s features and functions are very useful for communication. Whenever you need to change any elements of the app you can do it easily as it has the flexibility of customization. So, people install the app for their convenience.

Let’s look below to get an idea about the features,

  • Instantly make audio & video calls and chat with others by texting
  • 100% free application so no need to pay a single penny from the account to install and use
  • Default call and account blocker resulting in avoiding communication
  • See deleted messages and files if you enable the anti-deleted option
  • Writing status can be customized by using different fonts, colors, text styles, and sizes
  • More instant reaction elements than official ones
  • An in-built translator that leads a person to exchange views using any language
  • Customize the user interface by using different colors, backgrounds, wallpapers, and themes
  • Hide online availability from the contacts by enabling last seen, freezing account,  and inactive double tick & blue tick

You can find more if you use the app.

Apart from communicating with your friends using Fouad WhatsApp latest version app, you can now use WhatsAppMA, KryptEY, Lifesize, Snikket, Tinode, Steam Chat, NekoGram X, Librem Chat, aTalk, Instant Bird, AZWhatsApp, etc. apps for free if you want.

How To Pin A Contact On Fouad WhatsApp App

People pin contact on the top of the interface with whom they chat and talk frequently. You need not crawl to find your most necessary contact. After opening your app home screen, you find a pin account at the beginning of the list. So, you can make audio or video calls, and chat easily.

Let’s see how to enable it,

First Step: Download Fouad WhatsApp APK and open the interface.

Second Step: Tap on the contact firmly to show a green tick.

Third Step: On the top several symbols are shown, from those you just tap on Pin Symbol.

Last Step: Finally, the contact is set on the top of the list permanently.

That’s all.

Following the above steps, you can accomplish the process.

Is Fouad WhatsApp A Clean App

Of course, this modified app is 100% clean for users.

Time and again, the authority of this application updates regularly to remove viruses, malware, and bugs. So, you do not find any unwanted elements that damage your Android device. So, without feeling any sort of doubt or fear, you can use it.


If you have an Android phone and install Fouad WhatsApp APK, you will not face any problem communicating virtually. All functions and features of this app are very handy to use. The app is considered one of the most successful apps for its nice features.

Install the app and reach an unlimited number of people without hassle.