KBWhatsApp APK Download v31 For Android

KBWhatsApp APK is the best communication platform which is modified from the official WA. People love to use this application on their Android smartphone or tablet device because it is different from the official one and offers many additional features.

Current Version31
Size78 MB
DeveloperAhmed Al Sarmani
Released6 December 2023

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Presently, customization allows changing internal and external elements. People can customize the latest KBWhatsApp app and chat UI by using different elements such as themes, icons, wallpapers, etc. So, users feel comfort to connect and communicating with friends.

The app was redesigned and customized by Ahmed Al Sarmani.

Now, this KBWhatsApp application offers different copies such as KB2WhatsApp, KB3WhatsApp, and KB4WhatsApp. Among these, the Black version creates a great appeal for its distinctive appearance. Other versions are similar except for the changed icon’s color.

Users like the app as it is 100% free to install and use.

KBWhatsApp Features

Messaging and calling are very simple if you download and install the APK version from this website. This version has many additional features that must surprise you. Here, some unique features are displayed to get an idea about the app.

Let’s see the features,

  • Schedule messages to send different dates in advance
  • Getting the facility to send message unsaved numbers
  • Hide Blue and Double ticks. You read the message nobody senses whether you see it or not
  • Anti-ban protection system so that you do not lose your important data that was shared
  • Update regularly to add new features and remove problematic issues
  • Edit messages within a short 15 minutes of sending
  • Lock the app and the chat interface to block the unwanted access
  • Great data privacy as it is encrypted
  • Backup and restore data and information
  • Provide the option to link the app with different devices

That’s all for today, install the app to see more features.

You can now easily use Talkatone, ANWhatsApp, Hangouts, Kik, Duo Voice, Zello PTT Walkie Talkie, Getcontact, Contacts, Signal Private Messenger, Whitepages, ChatCraft, Textra SMS, KRWhatsApp, Viber, etc. apart from using the KBWhatsApp latest version on your phone.

How To Share KBWhatsApp Live Location

People can share live locations with other individuals and groups in real-time. The receiver gets the direction with the map. So, it is easy to reach your friend’s location quickly. Now some steps are given below to have an idea about the option.

Let’s see the steps,

Step 1: Download KBWhatsApp APK and go to the user interface.

Step 2: Click on a contact or a group.

Step 3: Now, you move to the chat.

Step 4: From the chat box click on the Attachment symbol.

Step 5: Surfacing several options, just tap on Location.

Step 6: Finally, click on the Share Live Location that shows time i.e., 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours. Add a comment and click on the green arrow to share. Users can choose another option “Send Your Current Location”.

Step 7: Finally, you find some specific names of the locations to select and send.

That’s the useful steps to activate the option.

Live location sharing is a handy function to show the exact place where you stay in real-time.

Is KBWhatsApp A Clean Application

Yes, this app is totally clean, secure, and safe. You can install the app without any fear or doubt. You never find any damage to your device. This is because it does not contain harmful elements like bugs, viruses, and malware. So, you can keep faith in it.


You do not need to meet your friends and family physically if you download KBWhatsApp APK and install to use it. 24 hours, users can keep in touch with their closest one. And remain updated about them. So, you do not miss any important issues in your friends and family’s life.

Nowadays, it speeds up connection and communication all over the world.