Lovely Moments APK Download v1.1.19 For Android

Lovely Moments APK is a highly interactive game that can be played on Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. It is a Choose Your Story based game that is developed and published by STARDUST and has more than 2 million players around the world.

Current Version1.1.19
Size145 MB
Released7 November 2023

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In the latest Lovely Moments game, you’ll be able to easily be a part of romantic novels. Here, you’ve to follow your heart to discover who you are actually. Once you find it, you can easily create or make your own stories using characters where no one will know your plot.

And you will have all the copyright of stories.

This is why if you also want to play this mobile game, I suggest you download Moments game from here to your Android or iPhone/iPad devices. In this game, you will get many characters who will be your best friends, family members, and even your loved ones.

Play a role here and start your own story.

Lovely Moments Features

This mobile game is made for players with many types of features. Since you are going to play this game for the first time on your device, I would recommend you read all the customizable functions and features below so that you can get a better idea.

By the way, let’s read them now.

  • Choose a role to play and create your own story according to your choice
  • Best friends, family members, loved ones, and other characters are available
  • Collect wonderful moments easily and share them with friends or family
  • Easily dress up yourself for a date, party, wedding, program, and others
  • Find your love in this game and do anything to enjoy the romantic moment
  • 100% free, safe, secure, and legal to play on Android and iOS devices

You will get more new features in the new version.

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How To Get Moments Unlimited Diamonds

Using diamonds, people can buy different types of premium items. Due to which they can enjoy this romance game more. I have shared a detailed guideline in the below from where you will be able to learn how to get unlimited diamonds completely free.

By the way, let’s get started now.

First Step: Download Lovely Moments APK and install it.

Second Step: Launch the game and go to the Diamond section.

Third Step: Press the Generate button to get unlimited diamonds for free.

Fourth Step: Wait a few seconds to get.

Fifth Step: Once you got it, play the game now.

That’s cool.

You’ve learned how to get diamonds for use.

Last Part

You have got a lot of information about this game.

So, you can now easily download Lovely Moments APK from here to Android or iOS device which is basically a Choose Your Story game. In this visual novel game, easily choose a role and choice anything that you love which will bring for you a unique story.

Play the game and choose the story yourself.