NOWhatsApp APK Download v10.08 For Android

NOWhatsApp APK is the best and most powerful modified application customized from the official WA. Using this communication platform, you can connect and communicate with others. It will play an important role in keeping in touch with friends, family, or anyone.

Current Version10.08
Size56.5 MB
Released9 November 2023

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At present time, we see thousands of communication apps in the market. Besides, you see huge official, original, modified, and customized apps spread over the globe. In the modified field, the latest NOWhatsApp application is very popular for its unique features.

Norahmods designed, developed, and customized it.

You can download NOWhatsApp app and use this like the official one. It allows users to exchange text messages. Besides, you can make audio or video calls to talk with friends. In addition, it gives you a chance to open a group and invite friends to join the group as members.

Pass the best time virtually by using the app.

NOWhatsApp Features

Every new feature encourages the users to choose the application. Customization and modification help to add and deduct features. So, apps can be more communication friendly and useful which motivates users to install the app on their Android smartphone or tablet.

Let’s find some attractive features,

  • Build a similar-minded digital community by opening a group
  • Make calls and exchange texts if you do not save mobile numbers
  • Save, download, and copy the status of others
  • Create a message schedule to send many in advance
  • Enable DND mode to avoid disturbing calls and messages while dealing with a busy schedule
  • Share 100 pictures simultaneously
  • Hide many options from the other contacts like recent views, about, profile picture, blue ticks, double ticks, recording and typing during the chat
  • You do not need to pay a single penny to enjoy any feature

Identifying many more features and functions after installing and using.

Use NOWhatsApp latest version application on your device as well as use NEWhatsApp, Mixsii, Ayttm, Peach, Pinger, GroupMe, Kiax, SafeSwiss, BlackBerry Messenger, Blizzard Battle, Handcent SMS, Tango, AOWhatsApp, etc. applications at the same time.

How To Enable New Broadcast On NOWhatsApp App

New Broadcast is a wonderful feature of this app. You can use it to send messages to several of your friends at once. It is only allowed for a saved list of contacts. Sometimes you need to exchange the same messages with a group of people, in this case, you can use this option.

Let’s see how to do it,

Step 1: Download NOWhatsApp APK and open the user interface.

Step 2: From the top right corner, tap on 3 dots.

Step 3: After that, click on New Broadcast.

Step 4: Now, shows saved contacts, select your contacts, and then tap on the green tick from the right below.

Step 5: Finally, it enables, now exchange of messages commonly.

That’s cute.

Follow the above steps which gives you a great feeling.

Why Do I Choose Customized And Modified Apps

Customized Apps offer more features than official ones. You can modify whatever you need to do. But, original apps do not permit change of any internal and external portion. Generally, customization helps you to find a new outlook for the app.

Besides, you get new features to communicate comfortably.


NOWhatsApp APK defeats all similar competitors’ apps to create its position. Don’t worry, the app is secure, safe, and lightweight. You can install and use ii which does not get unsafe for you. Besides, it never slows down your device’s operation and navigation.

Now, you can maintain smooth communication.