SBWhatsApp APK Download v3.85 For Android

SBWhatsApp APK is a modified communication app to connect and communicate with people all over the planet. It is an alternative to the original WhatsApp. Users can customize its features and functions by changing different elements and components internally and externally.

Current Version3.85
Size56.62 MB
Released14 November 2023

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There are many digital communication platforms in the market. Among them, one of the most powerful and fastest ways is the latest SBWhatsApp application. You can use this communication platform now on your Android phone and chat or call instantly.

It is designed and developed by an efficient team of SB.

Presently, millions of people trust and depend on this modified app as it has many additional features and functions. These extra features and functions make the SBWhatsApp app more effective and efficient for communicating digitally worldwide.

It is the quickest communication tool to reach any corner of the world.

SBWhatsApp Features

Generally, an alternative or modified app gives you more features than the original one. In those cases, people choose the customized app as it provides more comfort in communication. Some simple features are shared below to get a brief concept.

Let’s see some important features,

  • Offering 4 copies 1,2,3, and 4
  • The appearance of the app is almost the original one
  • Pin different important contacts with whom communication frequently
  • Star messages to bookmark that easily and quickly find in future
  • More themes and wallpapers to change the app and chat interface
  • An encrypted app so that you do not lose your valuable data and information
  • Lightweight app occupies a small space in the memory of the Android phone
  • Strong Lock systems such as pattern, password, fingerprint, etc.
  • Send and share different personal and professional large documents

That’s all for now, users get more if install the app.

Just as you can use SBWhatsApp latest version on your device, you can also use Kontalk, OBWhatsApp, Riot IM, Dust, Tox, Ryver, Antox, Marco Polo, BeeTalk, Pinngle, Flock, Brosix, Pidgin, DingTalk, HeyWhatsApp, Talkatone, and more on your device if you want.

How To Set Privacy Of SBWhatsApp

Privacy setting is a very important issue of a messenger app because people share different necessary information through this app. If you set it hackers never steal your data and information. So, you can remain in a safe zone all the time.

Let’s see how to do it,

Step One: Download SBWhatsApp APK and open the user interface.

Step Two: Click on 3 dots from the top right side of the home screen.

Step Three: Tap on the Setting.

Step Four: Press on the Privacy option.

Step Five: Surfacing several options such as Last Seen & Online, profile photo, About, Status, Group, Live Location, Block Contacts, and Fingerprint lock, etc. You can activate from these lists whatever you are required to do.

That’s enough to enable.

Overall, activating privacy means protecting your shared data.

Do I Need To Pay Dollars For Using SBWhatsApp

No, you do not need to invest a single penny from your credit card. It is a 100% free app. You can chat and call your friends and family without payment. Every moment you can keep in touch with your loved ones and get updates.


SBWhatsApp APK is a very functional application for connecting and communicating digitally all over the world. Users can customize using new elements so that the application can get user-friendly. As a result, it gives you a nice communication experience.

There is no time bound and area boundary if you want to chat and make audio-video calls.