TM WhatsApp APK Download v8.61 For Android

TM WhatsApp APK is the best instant messaging platform that will give you a wonderful virtual communication feeling. It is a modified version that was customized from the original WhatsApp. The app permits you to redesign the app by using different latest elements.

NameTM WhatsApp
Current Version8.61
Size77.09 MB
DeveloperTitas Mukisa
Released7 November 2023

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It is measured as an alternative to the official one. The latest TM WhatsApp application allows you to connect and communicate with people like the original app. You can chat, make audio and video calls, and open a group to hang out with friends and relatives.

The app is designed and customized by Titas Mukisa.

There are a lot of methods you can use to reach and meet people all over the globe. Among all, download TM WhatsApp app since it is one of the most powerful and quick platforms to find your friends in every nook and corner of all countries.

Well-developed wonderful system to keep in touch with your friends 24/7.

TM WhatsApp Features

This smartphone or tablet application’s every feature must hit your mind. This is because it customized and modified everything newly for digital communication convenience. So, people get attracted more and more time to use it again and again.

Let’s see some remarkable features,

  • Generate audio and video calls, chat by exchanging written text and recorded voice instantly, open group & invite friends which helps to hang out with the group members
  • Nobody sees your online availability status if you enable several options such as hide blue tick and double tick, freeze account, etc.
  • Never get caught in the ban as it has an anti-ban feature
  • See deleted message if enable anti revoke option
  • Messages schedule to send messages in advance that will be reached set date the destination accounts
  • Clear unimportant chat to keep clean
  • New themes, wallpapers, fonts, backgrounds, and icons are available
  • New smiles, emoticons, emojis, and stickers to react instantly during the chat

That’s all for now.

Apart from using TM WhatsApp latest version app on your device, you can now easily use GoToMeeting, Hawa WhatsApp, Rocket Chat, Mattermost, Zoho Meeting, Houseparty, GroupMe, Riot, NAWhatsApp, Wirecast, and more as well even without spending any money.

How To Enable Fingerprint Lock Of TM WhatsApp

For security and safety, people want to lock their accounts to avoid unnecessary access. You can protect the confidentiality of the account if you enable Fingerprint. Now, nobody can get access to your account and steal your private data and information.

So, let’s see some steps to enable the option.

First Step: Download TM WhatsApp APK and open the home screen.

Second Step: From the user interface, click on 3 dots.

Third Step: Now, click on the Setting.

Fourth Step: Then, you find the account option to click.

Fifth Step: After that, press the Privacy option.

Sixth Step: Crawl below and click on Fingerprint.

Seventh Step: Tick on the Immediately, 1 minute, or 30 minutes option to enable it.

That’s alright for any user to enable it.

You can avoid unsafe situations by locking your app.

Can I Fall Into A Legal Problem If I Install TM WhatsApp

No, you do not entangle any dangerous situation if you install this app because the app followed all legal procedures to publish the app. There is no record found yet as the app has any illegal history. So, don’t feel a doubt to install the APK file from this website.


You never get deprived and frustrated if you choose TM WhatsApp APK as a digital communication tool. It helps you to connect and communicate with millions of people for personal and business reasons. Overall, you can break time and physical distance.

After observing very useful features, now, you can decide whether you want to use it or not.