WhatsApp Indigo APK Download v5.60 For Android

WhatsApp Indigo APK is a popular modified app that customizes from the official WhatsApp to connect and communicate with people all over the world. It is a very handy app that can be customized by adding different features and functions by including varied elements.

NameWhatsApp Indigo
Current Version5.60
Size31.6 MB
Released9 November 2023

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The latest features of the app attract a huge number of people to install it frequently. The wonderful matter is that the latest WhatsApp Indigo app does not incur any cost to install and use its features. As a result, millions of people choose the app for their communication convenience.

It was designed, developed, and marketed by ESMAELH.

WhatsApp Indigo application is lightweight that occupies low space on your Android smartphone or tablet device. Due to small space occupations, the Android device is not overloaded. So, your device does not lose the operational and navigational speed.

Now, without the hassle, you can communicate with others.

WhatsApp Indigo Features

It is a nice alternative messenger application converted from the original WhatsApp platform. Many people like to install it for its great features and functions that are added newly. As a result, the platform becomes more popular day by day.

Let’s highlight the app’s features,

  • More customization elements to change the app outlook such as themes, icons, colors, backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.
  • Keep multiple accounts to serve different purposes
  • More instant reaction elements such as stickers, smiles, emojis, emoticons, etc.
  • Create a group to hang out with friends by conducting video calls
  • Enable Anti deleted status so that you can see the deleted status
  • Anti-ban features. Never get caught in a ban if you enable this system
  • Anti-revoke features. If you enable it you can see and read erased messages
  • Different formats of large files and document sharing such as Image, Audio-video, PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • 250 characters limit to write status

You will find many more features if you install it from this website.

In addition to using WhatsApp Indigo latest version on your phone, you can use ZEWhatsApp, SSuite, LivnList, Sylo, ARKNet, HelloChat, ringID, IveTime, JusTalk, IGram, Photo4Tune, Brave Talk, WireMin, ELEET, Cotap, WhatsApp Spy, etc. comfortably if you want.

How To Enable End To End Encrypted Backups

Data protection is a vital part of saving privacy. If you enable the encrypted backups, nobody can get access to steal the data that you shared and sent previously. Some simple steps are given below to get a brief idea about encryption.

Let’s see the steps,

  1. Download WhatsApp Indigo APK and go to the home screen of the app.
  2. Click on 3 dots from the user interface.
  3. Thirdly, click on settings.
  4. Press the Privacy option.
  5. Fifthly, tap on the Privacy Checkup option.
  6. Sixthly, click on Add More Privacy to your chat.
  7. Tap on End-to-end Encrypted Backups
  8. Finally, click on Turn on.

That’s all.

The above steps you need to enable mentioning the option.

Can I Make Audio-Video Calls Free Of Cost

Yes, you can do that.

There is no money you need to pay to call people all over the world. You just have an internet connection to make calls throughout the world. It is a very convenient communication tool for all classes and ages of people whether he or she is poor or not, no matter what.


App system is one of the best to communicate instantly virtually. You do not need to spend time and money to reach your friends. Now, the world is in your fist if you have WhatsApp Indigo APK on Android. So, you connect and maintain communication with people 24/7.

This modified app offers great flexibility in digital communication.