WhatsGold APK Download v35.00 For Android

WhatsGold APK is the best version of the official WhatsApp application which provides a friendly way for texting, audio and video calling, photos, files, and link sharing among friends and family members in a proper secure way.

Current Version35.00
Size79 MB
Released12 December 2023

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The latest WhatsGold application has come with a golden theme to encourage people to use this unofficial version rather than get bored with its special features. It provides more features and functionality than the official one to its millions of users all over the world.

It is developed by Altornedo7, also known as Nasser.

This is the best communication platform for Android device users to build up communication more easily to continue. So, if you want to use it on your smartphone or tablet device, you have to download WhatsGold app from below completely free.

So, use the version to enjoy more advanced features.

WhatsGold Features

The reason behind its being more popular is its attractive features. One of the major features is to use more than two numbers on the app. Most of its features meet the user’s needs, that’s why millions of people are using this unofficial application.

Some of its popular features are given below to understand its popularity.

  • Up to 100 MB audio clip can send to every individual user
  • Easy to modify the font style while using this application
  • Helps to hide online status without disconnecting the internet connection of the phone
  • Able to show all the deleted messages from the chat box
  • Disable voice calls and helps to hide profile picture
  • Undelete previously sent messages very nicely

It has also many more features than you can enjoy.

At the same time, as an alternative to the WhatsGold latest version, if you want, you can also use Telegram, JTWhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Discord, Signal, Wire, LINE, WeChat, Slack, Threema, WhatsApp Prime, Viber, etc. applications completely free.

How to Activate WhatsGold Account

After downloading the app, your first task is to install and activate your account. But if for some reason you don’t know exactly how to activate your account, then worry no more. Because a guideline has already been shared below in this regard.

To activate your account, follow these steps.

  1. Download WhatsGold APK and install the app.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open the application on your device.
  3. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  4. It will prompt you to enter your phone number. Make sure to enter the correct number as this will be linked to your account.
  5. It will attempt to verify your phone number automatically by sending a verification code via SMS. In some cases, it may also offer to verify your number through a phone call. Wait for the verification process to complete, and if the automatic verification fails, choose the option to receive a phone call with the verification code.
  6. Once you receive the verification code, enter it into the application. If the code is correct, your phone number will be verified, and your account will be activated.
  7. After verification, add a profile picture and provide your name.
  8. If you have a previous backup, you may have the option to restore your chat history.
  9. Once you’ve completed the setup process, you can start using the communication app to send messages, make voice and video calls, and connect with contacts.

That’s it.

Now, use the application to contact others.


We have already reached the last stage.

And hope, you’ve already downloaded the latest version of the WhatsGold APK from above. With its functionality like privacy, security, and a range of features, it has achieved a massive number of users worldwide and is going to be one of the leading messaging applications.

Also, share the app with your friends and family members.