YCWhatsApp APK Download v4.0 For Android

YCWhatsApp APK is basically customized from the official WhatsApp to provide maximum benefits to users. There are thousands of communication solid and modified apps in the market. However, among all these, this version has dominated the world to a great extent.

Current Version4.0
Size21.2 MB
DeveloperYC Team
Released3 December 2023

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Nowadays, people prefer the latest YCWhatsApp app for many additional features and functions. Customization allows changing various elements that help change the app internally and externally. Therefore, people can easily connect and communicate digitally.

YC Team redesigned and published the app in the market.

Now, you need not move physically to meet friends frequently because you have a YCWhatsApp application that allows users to go connect instantly by conducting calls. Besides, from time to time, users can exchange text messages and voice messages to keep updated.

So, you can reach anybody 24/7 without spending money.

YCWhatsApp Features

This app uses different new elements to change the app’s outlook. So, people get attracted to the app. Now, digital communication is quicker and more comfortable than a few years back. Here, some simple features are shared to get a brief idea about the app.

Let’s see the features,

  • Update regularly to add new features and remove unwanted elements such as bugs malware, and viruses
  • A lightweight app that occupies small memory space so that your device does not get slow down
  • Adding new text fonts so that you can use the different fonts to write a nice post
  • Share and post different content such as images, videos, audio, and written text
  • Edit text messages within 15 minutes. So, you can get free of errors and wrong languages
  • Share large files such as 100 images and 50 MB of videos can share simultaneously
  • Safe and legal application for your Android
  • Lock the App home screen and chat interface to avoid unwanted access

That’s not enough features to describe the app fully, just install and enjoy more.

In addition to using the latest YCWhatsApp version app, you can now use Wickr, Adam WhatsApp, GroupMe, Zoho Cliq, Rocket Chat, Flock, BlueJeans, Microsoft Yammer, Google Chat, Viber Business Messages, Ryver, Jitsi Meet, Go To Meeting, AGWhatsApp, etc. if you want.

How To Enable YCWhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

Yes, you can enable fingerprint lock to protect your app from unwanted access. It is a very efficient and effective system to keep your data and information safe. This lock system is very strong as without your own fingerprint nobody can get access your app.

So, let’s see how to do it.

Step One: Download YCWhatsApp APK and open it.

Step Two: Click on 3 dots from the top right corner of the interface.

Step Three: To find several options, click on the Setting.

Step Four: Now, tap on the Privacy option and crawl a bit below.

Step Five: Then, press on the Fingerprint Lock that shows 3 options i.e. Immediately, After 1 Minutes, and After 30 Minutes.

Step Six: Finally, tick one from the above 3 to enable it.

That’s enough to activate it.

It is one of the most powerful internal lock systems to protect your privacy.

Is YCWhatsApp Safe, Secure, And Legal

Absolutely, it is a safe, secure, and legal app for Android. You do not find any unsafe conditions that fall you at risk because the app updates always to remove harmful elements from the app. Besides, it is totally legal. No record is found yet that it engages in illegal activities.


YCWhatsApp APK creates comfortable digital communication for Android phone or tablet users. People can reach any time anywhere in the world instantly by calling and messaging. So, day by day this app becomes more appealing for digital communication lovers.

Every day, every moment, you can meet your friends using the app.