AMWhatsApp APK Download v2.60 For Android

AMWhatsApp APK is a fantastic communication app. It is an alternative to the official WA. Basically, the original app is fixed and rigid. It does not allow changing and adding anything. But this app gives users the chance to modify and add many latest features.

Current Version2.60
Size58.4 MB
DeveloperAM Team
Released12 November 2023

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Messenger app reduces time and area. A few years back, you had to meet your friends and family physically to get updates about them. Now, it is very easy if you have the latest AMWhatsApp app on Android. You can call and chat to meet them virtually instantly.

The app was redesigned by AM Team.

In the messenger app field, you see thousands of original and mod apps. One of the powerful apps is AMWhatsApp application. It gives many features that are not available from other competitors. This is because it offers customization. So, users find many new features.

Now, instantly, reach every corner of the world to talk and chat with friends.

AMWhatsApp Features

Many additional features and functions are included by customization and modification. These features ease and make comfortable communication. Here, some important features are mentioned below to get a brief idea about the application.

Let’s see several features,

  • Allowing audio-video calling, exchanging text & voice messages, opening groups to hang out, sharing documents, and so on
  • Share different formats of large files and documents such as images, videos, audio, PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Broadcast system to send one message to many contacts simultaneously
  • Post different content as status for 24 hours such as text, images, videos, etc.
  • Edit messages to get rid of errors
  • App Screen lock to avoid unwanted access
  • Many privacy settings enable

It has also many more features and functions.

Apart from using the latest AMWhatsApp version on your phone, you can now easily use Slack, NMWhatsApp, Threema Work, Keybase, Glide, Wickr, Moxtra, KakaoTalk, iMessage, WeChat Work, IMO, Tango, Vero, YCWhatsApp, Rocket Chat, etc. without any hassle.

How To Update AMWhatsApp App

Updating is a very important issue. The authority of the application always performs it now and then to keep the app clean and smooth. So, users never face any unwanted problems. As a result, you can communicate comfortably.

Let’s see some effective steps,

Step One: Go to the above and click on the search box.

Step Two: Now, write the app name and click.

Step Three: Then, you see different versions of the app.

Step Four: Now, download AMWhatsApp APK from here to your device.

Step Five: Finally, get an updated app to install.

That’s the effective steps to get the latest version of the app.

Generally, the updated version is free of risky elements.

Can I Keep Both The Original And Mod At The Same Time

Yes, you can keep both apps simultaneously. In this case, no technical hassle you never face. The mod app has an anti-ban feature so that the app does not get caught in a ban. 2 different apps serve 2 different purposes. Users can segregate the communication groups easily.


AMWhatsApp APK gives you a great communication experience. Now, you need not meet people frequently. You just make a video call to go live and talk with them in real-time. As a consequence, the app gains huge popularity throughout the world.

Now, communication is in your hand if you have this app on Android.