Blue WhatsApp APK Download v9.82 For Android

Blue WhatsApp APK is a changed version of official WhatsApp. It is a customized app that adds many new features for Android Smartphone users. The latest features and functions make the app more useful and comfortable than the original one.

NameBlue WhatsApp
Current Version9.82
Size72.26 MB
Released8 November 2023

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This is the era of information and communication technology. In this modern age, a lot of technologies and digital tools are developed to reach people in any corner of the world. One of the most powerful systems is the latest Blue WhatsApp app that users can use to communicate.

It is customized and published by Abu3rab.

The modified app is popular for its additional features and functions. You can smoothly make audio and video calls to talk with others. Besides, the Blue WhatsApp application allows users to exchange text messages & voice recordings to continue chatting 24/7.

Users can modify different functions by many different elements.

Blue WhatsApp Features

A number of effective features can make the app famous. The app has a stock of new features that you do not find original and other similar competitors in the market. Here, some attractive features and functions are mentioned below.

Let’s see the features,

  • Make audio-video calls and exchange voice and text messages
  • Lock the app and chat interface to avoid unwanted access
  • Edit messages within 15 minutes to make error-free
  • Broadcast system to send one message to many people simultaneously
  • Schedule message to send in advance
  • Star messages to bookmark so that you can find them quickly in future
  • Pin important contacts that are frequently used so that they keep fixed on the top
  • Download different images and videos that other people share as a post
  • Copy written statues and stories of others
  • Anti-ban feature

That’s enough for today.

Just as you can use Blue WhatsApp latest version on your device, you can also use Tango, SBWhatsApp, Riot IM, WeChat, Tox, Wickr, Marco Polo, BlackBerry Messenger, Pinngle, Flock, Brosix, Pidgin, DingTalk, OBWhatsApp, Voxer, and more on your device if you want.

How To Backup Blue WhatsApp Chat

Chat backup is a very significant feature of this app. Sometimes, users share some important information, messages, images, videos, files, and documents. In the future, some of these shared messages are required. In this case, data backup helps you a lot to extract information.

Let’s see some steps to enable it,

First Step: Download Blue WhatsApp APK and go to the home screen of the App.

Second Step: Click on 3 dots from the top right side of the app interface.

Third Step: Press on the Setting option.

Fourth Step: Finding several options, among all, click on Chats.

Fifth Step: Now, see chat backup, tap on it. Again, click on the Chat backup option. Select Google Account or Gmail where your data is stored.

Sixth Step: Finally, click on the Back up green button to complete the process.

That’s enough to enable the functions.

Chat backup helps you to back up important messages and restore them when required.

Is Blue WhatsApp A Safe And Secure App

Yes, this modified app is 100% safe and secure. You never fall into any danger. This is because it updates on a regular basis to remove risky elements such as bugs, viruses, malware, and so on. Now, you get a clean app to keep continuing communication.


Communication is now in your hand if you download Blue WhatsApp APK and use it on Android. Standing anywhere in the world, you can communicate with your friends and family 24 hours. In this case, you never need to pay a single penny from your pocket.

Overall, it is the quickest way to connect and communicate with people.