Cyber WhatsApp APK Download v9.83 For Android

Cyber WhatsApp APK is a modified communication platform converted from official WA. It adds many features that create the uniqueness of the app. So, now, communication is easier than before. As a result, you can instantly reach millions of people through the digital platform.

NameCyber WhatsApp
Current Version9.83
Size72.31 MB
Released9 November 2023

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Nowadays, people lead a busy life. They don’t have much time to meet physically with their loved ones. So, people search for an alternative way to connect with their friends and family. Messenger apps like the latest Cyber WhatsApp app are one of the most useful apps in this field.

It was designed and developed by Mhndm.

So, download Cyber WhatsApp application as it has improved its usefulness by adding and removing various elements. It has many new themes, wallpapers, icons, and fonts that are not available in other mod apps. Therefore, users can change their outlook at their own will.

Now, you can chat and call smoothly and easily.

Cyber WhatsApp Features

People choose to install and use a modified messenger app for its additional features and functions. Generally, extra features make the app more comfortable to use. Hence, you can communicate with friends and family very effectively.

Let’s see some nice features,

  • Modify home screen and chat UI by using the latest themes and wallpapers
  • Using different fonts of text to share the written post
  • Strong locking systems such as pattern, password, Fingerprint, and PIN
  • PIN important contact to fix in the top
  • Star important messages to bookmark
  • Having a broadcast system to send one message to 600 contacts simultaneously
  • Copy and download others’ statuses and stories without copyright problems
  • Block specific contact to avoid calls and messages
  • Open Group to hang out with the group members

That’s sufficient to demonstrate the app.

In addition to using Cyber WhatsApp latest version, you can now easily use Walkie Talkie, ALWhatsApp, ICQ, Glide, Microsoft Kaizala, KakaoTalk, Badoo, SOMA, Hangouts, FireChat, Duo, Ryver, ER WhatsApp, Flock, etc. as an alternative without spending any money.

How To Invite Members To Join WhatsApp Group

You can add and invite your contacts and unsaved numbers to join your group. Different ways you invite such as you can straight add the contact and share group link with people to join your group. Group members can make calls to hang out with other members.

Let’s see some steps on how to invite people,

Step 1: Download Cyber WhatsApp APK and go to the user interface or UI.

Step 2: Tap on Group Name.

Step 3: Click the add option and select the contacts that you want to add to your group.

Step 4: Then, crawl below, and click on Invite via the link.

Step 5: After that, several options can be chosen such as Send via Cyber WhatsApp, Copy Link, and Share link. You choose your option and go forward.

That’s all.

People hang out with friends all over the globe by making group calls and group chats.

Do I Enable DND Mode Of Cyber WhatsApp

Don’t Disturb (DND) mode is a very nice feature. Sometimes, you want to avoid unwanted messages and calls. So, you look for such an option to work without disturbance. No notifications of calls and messages are shown to you in this case. So, users activate it during their busy schedule.


Hope, you’ve downloaded Cyber WhatsApp APK from here.

Messenger apps upgrade the communication scenario. Now, you do not need to spend money to reach your friends all over the world. Everything is free of cost. Presently, people break the distance boundary. So, communication is not time-consuming.

Your friends and family always live near you, and you get updates every moment.