HiWhatsApp APK Download v2.22.4.73 For Android

HiWhatsApp APK is a communication app that allows sending messages & voice recordings, making audio & video calls, and sharing media files & documents. It is quite a similar app to the official WA. Basically, it customizes and adds several attractive new features.

Current Version2.22.4.73
Size40.3 MB
DeveloperWaMods Team
Released3 December 2023

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In the latest HiWhatsApp app, there are a lot of elements that users can use and adjust with their choice. A new app appearance can be created at the user’s own will by using the latest themes. Besides, there are many wallpapers to use for changing chat backgrounds.

WaMods Team is designed and developed for users.

Nowadays, people rely on messenger apps because it never fails or disappoints them. If you also want, you can easily download HiWhatsApp application on your device to make your daily digital communication easy and more comfortable.

It is a helpful digital tool for great communication.

HiWhatsApp Features

Many new features help to familiarize the app to the users and audience. Customization allows adding different elements and components. These component changes permit one to get a new look at the app. Now, some simple features are given here.

Let’s see the attractive features,

  • Send messages and share files & documents
  • Make audio video calls to talk with friends and family worldwide
  • Open groups and hang out with members
  • Many instant symbols to react during the chat such as smiles, emoticons, emojis, GIFS, stickers, and more
  • Pin important contacts on the top to use instantly when it is necessary
  • Star messages to bookmark i.e., save personal and professional important messages, images, files, and documents to search and find quickly
  • Safe secure, and legal application for Android users
  • Block disturbing contacts
  • New icons, colors, backgrounds, and many new elements stocks

That’s all for your convenience communication.

Just as you can use HiWhatsApp latest version right now, you can also use WeChat, YMWhatsApp, TextNow, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Microsoft Outlook, Google Voice, Messages, LINE, Contacts, Messenger Kids, KBWhatsApp, and more for free if you want.

How To Open New HiWhatsApp Group

Communication applications are a great boon in the digital communication area. It allows many features to use. Among all of them, the group is the best. In the group, you can make audio-video calls, and exchange text to group chat. So, it is helpful to hang out.

Let’s see how to open a group,

First Step: Download HiWhatsApp APK and go to the Home.

Second Step: Click on 3 Dots from the top.

Third Step: Surfacing several options, just press on New Group.

Fourth Step: Then, move you to the contact list.

Fifth Step: After that, select several from the contact list by ticking.

Sixth Step: Tap on the Green Arrow.

Seventh Step: Type the group subject and add a picture.

Eighth Step: At last, click on the tick sign from the below to finish the process.

That’s all to guide you.

The group helps you to find some fixed friends for everyday communication.

Is HiWhatsApp Encrypted

Yes, it is encrypted.

You can protect your data and information. Nothing can be leaked as it is such a developed and has a strong system. Every day you can share with confidence. Nobody will be able to breach data privacy. So, it gains popularity among all classes of people.


HiWhatsApp APK makes itself unique by offering many functional elements. Communication is very simple and quick. No cost is required to go live and talk face-to-face. People get the real essence of communication. So, the app is the first choice for millions of people.

Nowadays, people do not need to consume much time to go anywhere to meet friends.