HMWhatsApp APK Download v7.0 For Android

HMWhatsApp APK is a fantastic communication platform that was customized from official WhatsApp. It has many new useful features and functions that you do not find in the original one. So, the app is excellent for digital communication all over the globe.

Current Version7.0
Size40.3 MB
Released11 December 2023

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The latest HMWhatsApp app is easy to reach friends and family who live far away. A few years back, people need to meet others physically to get actual updates resulting in consuming much time. Now, you can chat and call by using this instant messenger app.

It was developed and customized by HassanMods.

You can download HMWhatsApp application as an alternative. You find existing features as well as the newest addition that it adds by customization. People find new stock of resources and components like new themes and wallpapers to change the UI and the chat background.

Therefore, it is easy to make audio-video calls and exchange text & voice messages.

HMWhatsApp Features

The modified messenger app offers the best features to attract a mass of people. Users tend to get all features free of cost. There is no need to add a payment method in this regard. So, millions of people choose to install it for the convenient features and functions of the app.

Let’s see the latest features,

  • Wonderful design and appearance of the app
  • The latest themes and wallpapers can be added to change the chat interface
  • Many default useful and recognized languages that help to chat with different languages people by translating 
  • Send one message to many people at one go by the broadcast system
  • Other users shared content can copy and download such as text, images, videos, and more
  • PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, Audio, and Video large files and documents can be shared with others quickly
  • Sending files and documents maintain the original quality
  • Create a message schedule to send in advance on different dates
  • 90 pictures and 500 MB video files can send at the same time

That is all to fulfill the expectations of the users.

Apart from using HMWhatsApp latest version app on your phone or tablet device, you will now be able to use Remind, HiWhatsApp, Text Free, Xooloo Messenger, Signal Private Messenger, FamilyWall, YMWhatsApp, Textra SMS, and more easily if you want.

How To Star And Unstar Messages On HMWhatsApp

It is a nice feature who wants to bookmark important messages, files, image, videos, and documents to use in the future. On the other hand, unstar is essential when many messages pile up. So, some steps are given to use the function.

Let’s see the steps,

First Step: Download HMWhatsApp APK and open the user interface.

Second Step: Hold on to the message firmly to select.

Third Step: Then, several signs surface on the chat screen, just click on the Star sign.

Fourth Step: After that, see a star symbol below the messages.

Fifth Step: Now, go to the App user home screen again and click on 3 dots.

Sixth Step: Tap on Starred Message which shows the star messages list.

Seven Steps: Hold on to the messages again and from the top, just press on the star symbol to unstar immediately.

That’s sufficient for you to use the function by following the steps.

These functions can save messages in different sections to find and remove easily.

Can Anti-Ban Help Me To Get Rid Of Ban

Anti-ban system is developed very efficient man effective way to protect your app from the ban. You do not fear and doubt the function. It is a proven feature to attract users. So, without any doubt, you can install the updated version of the application right now.


Hope, you’ve downloaded HMWhatsApp APK from here.

Communication is now so quick and simple. You need one second to make audio-video calls to talk to your friends and family worldwide. Besides, you can share your moment with others by sending different text, images, and videos at any time.

Now, install the app from this website for your convenience communication.