KAWhatsApp APK Download v2.23.13.76 For Android

A modified app named KAWhatsApp APK is very popular for digital communication all over the world. Because people are busy with their regular activities, they cannot meet anyone physically. In this case, they rely on this messenger communication platform.

Current Version2.23.13.76
Size75.8 MB
Released10 December 2023

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The latest KAWhatsApp application has many additional features and functions that are not available in other similar apps and original ones. Hence, people use this version to connect and communicate smoothly with their friends, family members, and others.

It is redesigned and published by HELLBOY developer.

You can download KAWhatsApp application and use it on your Android phone to keep in touch with friends and others. It will greatly help you to connect and connect with your faraway loved ones who are currently involved in professional jobs, business, and education.

Users can make audio or video calls to go live and stay close to others 24/7.

KAWhatsApp Features

Every day, digital communication networks spread its branch in every corner of the world. In this field, many solid and modified version apps are available. Today, this application’s features and functions are depicted for the convenience of the users.

So, let’s see some features.

  • Advance privacy functions so that you can remain safe in your online
  • The encrypted app protects your data and information
  • Get the freedom to customize the app in the user’s way by adding and deducting elements
  • Designed and redesigned the app and chat interface by adding new themes and wallpapers
  • Maintain communication with unsaved numbers
  • Activate an automatic reply that helps users answer people’s queries when they are not online
  • Schedule messages to send in advance at different times and dates
  • Post different contents i.e., text, images, and videos for 24 hours
  • Edit text messages within 15 minutes of sending
  • Secured lock systems such as PIN, Pattern, Password, Fingerprint, etc. to lock your chat
  • Anti-ban protection to keep your app away from the ban

That’s all to display the app properly.

Just as you can use KAWhatsApp latest version on your phone to communicate, you can now use Weargram, BSEWhatsApp, TeamSpeak, Earthquake Network, Discord, Conversations, Jabber, Contacts, BRIWhatsApp, Groundwire, and more to communicate as well.

How To Pin Contacts On KAWhatsApp

People tend to communicate with a certain number of people frequently. So, they want to search for them frequently. Now, you do not need to search for them if you pin the contact. After enabling it, contacts are fixed on top of the interface. So, no need to search and consume time.

Let’s see how the function enables,

Step One: Download KAWhatsApp APK and open the interface where you find many contacts with whom previously you communicated.

Step Two: Hold on to the contact firmly after that contact contains a green tick. If you want, you can tap several to bring under tick.

Step Three: On the top of the UI, surface some symbols, you just click on the Pin symbol to enable it immediately.

Step Four: Finally, you see those contacts are on the top. Now, you can use these contacts when you call and chat.

That’s useful steps to help you.

The Pin system improves your everyday communication speed.

Why Do I Open Group On KAWhatsApp

People always want to hang out with their friends. But it is not possible to meet physically. In this case, a great solution is a messenger app. Here, you can open a group and add many members. Group members conduct group audio-video calls and continue group chatting.

In this way, it is possible to hang out with each other and spend quality time.


Your communication is quick and easy if you download KAWhatsApp APK on your Android Phone. 24 hours you get updates about your contacts people what they perform in their lives. Whenever you need you can chat and make audio & video calls to reach them. Connection or communication is very simple who use this messenger-modified app