MBWhatsApp APK Download v9.93 For Android

MBWhatsApp APK is the best platform if you want to get an excellent communication user experience virtually. It is full of new features as well as functions that are added by customization. The application is considered an alternative to the original WhatsApp.

Current Version9.93
Size85.54 MB
Released3 December 2023

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Every moment people can keep in touch with others by using the latest MBWhatsApp app. This is because it allows people to connect and communicate with friends and family virtually 24/7. The app shows many interesting features and functions that never feel you bored.

StefanoYG is a developer and customizer of it.

Don’t feel fear about any unsafe issues as this app is safe, secure, and legal. All safety and legal procedures are maintained by the authority before coming into the app market. So, you can download MBWhatsApp application without a doubt or fear.

Use the app now and connect with people easily.

MBWhatsApp Features

The app authority arranged, designed, and customized all features very efficiently and effectively which is very helpful for communication lovers. Users never get bored as authorities customized the app to add some wonderful features to use.

So, let’s see some exclusive features.

  • Chat and call unlimited people to connect
  • Block calls, messages, and notifications that disturb frequently
  • Open a group and invite friends to join as group members. The members can make group video calls to hang out
  • Message many people at the same time by the broadcast system
  • Protect unwanted access by screen lock using different patterns, passwords, fingerprints, and PIN
  • Profile picture zoom in and zoom out to clear vision
  • More characters to post and describe profile description
  • Share live location to show real-time position

That’s all but more functions and features are waiting for you if you install the app.

Apart from using the latest MBWhatsApp version app on your device, you can now easily use GoToMeeting, TM WhatsApp, Jami, Mattermost, Marco Polo, Houseparty, Cisco Jabber, Riot, Hawa WhatsApp, Wirecast, and more as well even without spending any money.

How To Share Live Location Through MBWhatsApp

Wherever you go you can inform others by sending the live location. Consequently, other people can know where you are in real time. When friends want to meet you they can easily identify and go to your exact location.

Let’s see the steps,

Step 1: Download MBWhatsApp APK and open the UI.

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots top right corner of the home screen.

Step 3: Go to the contact’s chat interface with whom the location will be shared.

Step 4: Click on the Attachment icon from the chat writing box.

Step 5: Tap on Location from the surfacing several options.

Step 6: Press the live location to reach the map. Now, select different times like 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. Setting comment, then send it. In addition, set the current location 25 meters away. Moreover,  Finding suggested locations to send. Click on the options that you want to share.

Step 6: Finally, friends or receivers see the real locations.

That’s the details to share the location.

Now you can show where are you from moment to moment.

Can I Send And Share Large Files

Yes, the MBWhatsApp application permits users to share large files with others. Users can share large videos, images, MS Office files, PDF documents, etc. You need a very short time to send any files. This app allows up to 50 MB of files.


Nobody wants to stay far away from their friends and family. It is the hard reality. A few years back, without physical meetings, it is not possible to communicate. But, digital communication makes it easy. You can keep in touch by using MBWhatsApp APK right now.

So, install the app and stay close every moment with your friends and family.