Minecraft MOD Menu APK Download v1.37 For Android

Minecraft MOD Menu APK is a sandbox video game that is currently available for Android, iOS, and computer users. It is developed, designed, and published by Mojang Studios developers. According to Statista, it has around 141 million players around the world.

Current Version1.37
Size18.9 MB
Released12 December 2023

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Players have to choose Survival, Hardcore, Creative, Adventure, or Spectator mode on the latest Minecraft MOD Menu game. After that, they have to explore to build their own 3D world using raw materials, craft tools, items, and other built structures.

Even, sometimes, players have to fight with computer-controlled mobs.

You can download Minecraft game from here if you are highly interested to play this on your mobile or computer. It has 4 editions which are the original version, dungeons, legends, and education. You can choose any to play and enjoy your leisure time.

Build something amazing that everyone will love.

Minecraft MOD Menu Features

The game has a lot of features and functions due to which almost every people love to play it on their devices. Since you also want to play this game on your Android or iPhone, I recommend you read all the features and functions from below beforehand.

By the way, let’s read them now.

  • Survival, Hardcore, Creative, Adventure, and Spectator game mode
  • Use modifications, texture packs, and maps to customize the game
  • Customize your gaming experience by using the free Add-Ons easily
  • Multiplayer lets players communicate with each other in a single world
  • Realms server hosting service can be used to run the multiplayer server
  • Enjoy a lot of music and soundtracks while playing this on a mobile
  • Free, safe, secure, and 100% legal to play on smartphones and tablets

More features will be added here in the future.

You can also play the GTA 6, Kawaii World, Mystery Mansion, MultiCraft, Epic Mine, Blockman Go, Moments, Bedwars, LokiCraft, BG Portal, etc. games. Otherwise, you can only play the Minecraft MOD Menu latest version to spend your quality time.

How To Play Minecraft

There are thousands of people who don’t know how to play this mobile game on their mobile or tablet devices. For this reason, I have written and shared a guideline in the below so that you can learn how to play this game without getting any kind of issues.

By the way, let’s get started now.

First Step: Download Minecraft MOD Menu APK and install it.

Second Step: Launch the game and choose the Singleplayer (basic version of the game) or Multiplayer (has other players online) mode.

Third Step: Enter a World’s Name here and choose a game mode from the Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, or Hardcore options.

Fourth Step: Explore the world now and build your own 3D world.

That’s enough.

Get the game now and play it completely free.


You already got a lot of information about the game.

So, without further delay download and install Minecraft MOD Menu APK on Android, iOS, Windows PC, or macOS. Then choose a game mode and play according to the requirements. This is the most action and adventure game that every people love to play.

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