Royal WhatsApp APK Download v5.60 For Android

Royal WhatsApp APK is a modified app that converts and customizes from the official WhatsApp. Don’t feel fear about its latest features as all features are like the original ones. You can get more comfortability to connect and communicate with people all over the globe.

NameRoyal WhatsApp
Current Version5.60
Size21.9 MB
Released12 November 2023

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The latest Royal WhatsApp application allows users to customize and modify features / functions, outlook, interface, appearance, and home screen for the sake of the user’s convenience. It is not possible in the original one. So, people frequently install and use it.

It is designed and customized by a great developer named Sam.

Strict security, safety, legal procedures, and privacy policy make communication application popular all over the world. Royal WhatsApp app upgrades regularly to keep clean all unsafe and harmful elements. So, you find a clean app to operate and communicate.

Use the platform to connect and communicate with people.

Royal WhatsApp Features

By customizing this modified version, Sam enhanced its features and function. So, millions of people install and use it on their devices daily to connect and communicate. New features create new happiness and enjoyment for digital communication lovers.

So, let’s look at the important features.

  • A lightweight app occupies small space from the memory leads to keeping the app fast
  • 255 characters of text are allowed to write a post
  • To clear visualization, users can zoom in and zoom out the profile photo
  • Share files and documents of different formats
  • Exchange messages and make audio-video calls
  • Conduct a group call to hang out with friends and family
  • Information backup system
  • Fix bugs, viruses, and malware by updating from time to time

There are a lot more that you see after installing.

Use Royal WhatsApp latest version application on your device as well as use NOWhatsApp, Mixsii, Ayttm, Peach, Quaternion, Voxer, Mapple, SafeSwiss, Anonymous Messenger, Sicher, Handcent SMS, Tango, NEWhatsApp, etc. applications at the same time.

How To Share Status Using Royal WhatsApp App

People post a status including different content such as written text, photos, videos, etc. It generally disappears after 24 hours. Your saved contracts can only see your post. By posting different types of content, you can express your feelings right now easily.

Let’s see how to post a status,

  1. Download Royal WhatsApp APK and open the home screen.
  2. Secondly, tap on the status option from the interface of the app.
  3. Thirdly, tap on My Status.
  4. Fourthly, you can take instant photos or videos and add photos or videos from the phone gallery. Besides, from the below, click on the pen icon to write text to post.

That’s all.

Follow the above guideline to share status.

Is Royal WhatsApp An Official App

It is a third-party customized app adding several new and latest features and functions. You can use it as an alternative app like the original one. The application allows you to communicate with your friends without facing any problems.

In this case, you need not pay a single penny from your pocket.


You never feel bored if you download Royal WhatsApp APK, install it, and use the app to connect and communicate with people throughout the world. It gets popular for its more functional benefits. Therefore, you get a great virtual communication experience.

You can break the communication barrier by using the app.