ARWhatsApp APK Download v10.30 For Android

ARWhatsApp APK is a great boon in modern communication. It has radically changed the landscape of digital communication across the globe. Because, by using this application, you will be able to communicate with all the people around you very easily.

Current Version10.30
Size71.6 MB
Released12 December 2023

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Users use the latest ARWhatsApp app to reach their loved ones i.e. friends and family. It makes it comfortable and eases communication. Now, you can talk and chat virtually by making audio or video calls and exchanging texts. This app allows its users to keep in touch at every moment.

Android_216 team redesigned the app by adding new features.

People love to hang out to release the everyday pressure. By hanging out, you can enjoy your time. But, physically, it is very tough to meet with others. In this case, download ARWhatsApp application to open a group and make audio-video calls to hang out digitally.

Now, users can spend quality time with their friends.

ARWhatsApp Features

This app customizes the app’s different areas by adding different elements and components. Customization helps the users to change the function at their own will. What functions and features does the app add; here we want to show for your convenience.

Let’s see the features,

  • Hide identities to avoid unwanted calls and texts
  • Pin many important contacts to fix on the top of the home screen
  • Create a chat shortcut of contact with an icon
  • Create a status to share for 24 hours
  • Link different devices
  • Starr important message to bookmark for the future
  • Broadcast to send one message to many contacts simultaneously
  • Use two-step verification to protect your account
  • Keep chat and calls private
  • Different lock systems to use such as PIN, Pattern, Password, Fingerprint
  • Create a nice avatar and use it as a profile picture
  • Control info by enabling the “Nobody” option of your Profile Photo, Last Seen and Online
  • Block and silence unknown callers

That’s all to show the app to the masses.

Just as you can use ARWhatsApp latest version on your phone to communicate, you can now use SMB, KAWhatsApp, Messages by Google, Earthquake Network, Discord, Conversations, Jabber, Contacts, BSEWhatsApp, GroupMe, and more to communicate as well.

How To Change ARWhatsApp Profile Picture Into Avatar

It is a wonderful feature of the app. People sometimes do not want to share their real picture. In this case, an avatar is a great solution to set up a profile photo. Now, here some steps are given on how to create and set an avatar effectively and efficiently.

Let’s see,

Step 1: Download ARWhatsApp APK and open the app.

Step 2: Click on 3 dots from the top.

Step 3: Tap the Settings option.

Step 4: Click on Avatar from the surfacing list of options.

Step 5: Select a skin tone for designing the avatar. And click on the Next button.

Step 6: Now choose different elements to add and redesign the avatar such as hairstyle, outfit, body, etc. These elements shape the avatar.

Step 7: Finally, click on done to create the avatar and set it as a profile.

The above steps are sufficient for new and old users of the app.

Setting an avatar on your profile helps you hide your real identity.

Does ARWhatsApp Allows Call And Chat For Unlimited Time

Yes, the app allows its users to call and chat for unlimited time. Every moment you can remain online. You not only get free installation but also engage in free calls and chats. Every moment, you get updated information about your friends and family.

Now, communication is a piece of cake if you use this app.


ARWhatsApp APK allows users to chat, call and post status. People can get an enjoyable communication tool in their hands. So, it is a very comfortable and quick way to find friends all over the globe. Just one tap and within a second, people can go live and talk in real-time.

The app system helps you beyond imagination by giving a digital communication facility.