Baby WhatsApp APK Download v1.0 For Android

Baby WhatsApp APK has taken a beautiful communication space. It was basically converted from the official WhatsApp that has many additional features as well as functions. So, it created great hype in the messenger app market for its unique features.

NameBaby WhatsApp
Current Version1.0
Size27.58 MB
DeveloperBaby Team
Released11 November 2023

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Communication apps revolutionize the digital communication scenario in the world. Thousands of messenger apps dominate globally. Some are international, and some are national, regional, and local. In this field, the latest Baby WhatsApp app attracts the most.

A special Baby Team designed and published it.

You can now download Baby WhatsApp application to talk to people virtually by exchanging text & voice messages and conducting audio and video calls. Besides, you can hang out by opening a group. So, users never need to pay to enjoy mentioning features.

Now, communication is under your control 24/7.

Baby WhatsApp Features

Communication apps help their users to make strong relationships and bonds with their friends and family. Users feel comfort to go live by making video call. So, no need to meet people physically if you have this app. Now, some features are shared below for you.

Let’s see the features,

  • Calling, messaging, and sharing documents, opening groups to connect people
  • Set different privacy settings to avoid unwanted issues such as Last seen and online, hide profile photo, hide about section, status, groups, live location, block contacts, and fingerprint lock
  • Protect the user’s data privacy as it is an encrypted app
  • Set security notification
  • Set 2-step verification of the app to protect unwanted access
  • Set vibration and tones of notification
  • Set different calls ring tones
  • Lock the app screen and chat interface

That’s all for the users.

Apart from using Baby WhatApp latest version app on your phone or tablet device, you will now be able to use TextNow, HMWhatsApp, Crew Messaging, Xooloo Messenger, Smart Messages, Mascot, HiWhatsApp, Google Chat, and more easily if you want.

How To Block Contacts On Baby WhatApp App

Sometimes, for personal and professional reasons some unwanted calls arrive in you that may be disturbing. In this circumstance, you want to avoid this problem. Therefore, you can select those contacts to block within a short time.

Let’s see how to block contacts,

Step 1: Download Baby WhatsApp APK and open the app home screen.

Step 2: From the top right corner of the home screen, click on 3 dots.

Step 4: Now, click on the Settings option of the app.

Step 5: Then, press on the Privacy option.

Step 6: After that, from the top right side, tap on the Contact icon.

Step 7: At last, select contacts to block.

That’s the easiest step to block people.

If you follow the above step, you can get rid of unnecessary calls and messages.

Is Baby WhatApp Follow Legal Procedures

Yes, this modified version maintains all legal rules and regulations before publishing the app in the market. Users never entangle in any sort of illegal activity. All papers of the app are well-papered. So, people can avoid all kinds of hassle when installing the app.


Baby WhatApp APK is a fantastic and unimaginable communication tool that takes you to the last corner of the world within a second. Now, it is almost impossible to go and meet often physically. That is why friends and families like the application frequently.

Create a great moment and pass a convivial time with friends for 24 hours.